Print and Assembly Instructions

Now with smitten party printables, creating fantastic party favors has never been easier!
1.  Print
2.  Cut
3.  Assemble
4.  Display and Enjoy!

** DIY Customizing

Each file has been created in beautiful 300 dpi print quality, which means each file can be easily printed on your home color printer.  Not only is this a great economical choice for delightful favors, but you can have them as quick as you can print them! :)

For an even more professional look, we recommend taking these .jpg files to a local print shop of your choice (via flashdrive).   By printing these on 28 pound paper (the paper weight measurement) light cardstock with a semi-gloss finish you will be amazed at the result!  Not only are the colors sparkling bright but the extra weight of the paper reinforces the shape as the paper is cut.  Almost all local print shops charge $1 or less for each 8.5" x 11" page. 

2. CUT
Cupcake Toppers:  Each of the twelve, unique cupcake toppers can be cut with:
  • a 2" circle/ or scalloped circle punch -OR-
  • a 2' square/ or scalloped square punch -OR-
  • a lid of a medicine bottle or other round object (centered, traced with a pencil and cut with scissors)
Banner: Each shape can be cut with scissors along the border-so easy!

Invite:  Each invite can be cut with scissors along the border-so easy!

3. Assemble

Cupcake Toppers: Each cupcake topper circle or square can be mounted on a 4" lollipop stick with scotch tape on the back of the topper.  You can also tie a ribbon or bow just under the design for a finished look.

Gift Tags/ Labels: Hot glue or tape each circle/square of art to ribbon and tie around containers of candy, presents, gift bags, party favors, etc.

Banners:  Paper hole punch two holes at the top of each letter and string ribbon or clothes line through to connect and hang the banner.

Invites:  Simply write in the party information. Optional:  you can also add touches of glitter, sparkly stickers or paper hole punch and add a ribbon bow.

4. Display and Enjoy!  :)  We'd love to hear how your party goes!  Please feel free to email us with your fun pictures and party ideas!  (

 5. DIY (Do it Yourself) Customizing!  **A wonderful addition to your new party kit is the opportunity to customize the blank cupcake topper page with your own word art!  We are excited to offer this new innovation in DIY party printables!

Customizing your blank page is easy! Simply download the blank file to your desktop.  Then open your favorite photo editing program.  We recommend Picasa (by Google).  Its free and very user friendly.  Import the blank file from your desktop.  Once its open in Picasa, simply choose basic fixes and the edit text feature. Choose your desired font, text and color and place the text inside each of the blank circles.  When you are satisfied with the way it looks, simply go to file and choose print.

Customizing Ideas:
You can type initials (Typing an A for Andy, S for Sarah, etc).  For birthdays, typing the number of their new year is a fun touch (1, 5, 16, etc).  You can type simple messages like "Thank You" in the blank circles.

You can also use cupcake toppers as gift tags on party favors the guests take home, labels for various candies, and goodies on the party table (especially helpful when food allergies are involved :)  The sky is the limit when it comes to personalizing your new cupcake topper and banner art! 

Not getting together for a birthday?  No problem! Simply customize your art for any party event need (baby showers, girls night out, summer bbq, family reunion, etc).

We are also happy to help with your customizing needs!  We will customize your blank cupcake art page and banner for $10.  Please feel free to email us at with purchase inquires.